• We optimize the total assembly cost

    We will find the most suitable solution for your assembly.

Engineered fasteners for automotive and other industries

We have been working in fastening industry over the last 15 years, mainly dealing with customers from automotive and other industrial sectors. We offer support with the fastners choice as well as with assembly and installation process. We cooperate with leading producers of fasteners so we can always find the right solution for your needs.


    We offer broad range of fastening components made by leading companies on the market. We will help you with the total technical solution.


    We will consider all aspects and specifics of your assembly and will propose the optimal and most cost effective installation of the fastener.


    We are your partner for solutions in engineering, supply chain, cost reduction opportunities or production issues.


    We will help you to optimize the sales processes to make it more effective and efficient and also can support you to enter new markets and increase your turnover.

Kraus Fastenings

We have been working with leading fasteners manufacturers over the last 15 years, with the focus on automotive and industrial fastening components. We offer the total solution package including support with the fastners choice, design of the host component,  securing direct supplies from producers and the help with assembly and installation process. 

Dipl.- Ing. Vaclav Kraus, MBA

  • 15 years of experience in industry

    Our broad experience, application knowledge and contacts allow us to find the right solution for our customers.

  • Components directly from producers

    We eliminate the extra margin that distributors charge which brings cost savings.

  • Technical support

    We have an engineering background and can offer you the total assembly solution which saves time for your engineering.

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Why to choose Kraus Fastenings

We partner with the leading producers of fastners for automotive and other industries. We work with customers from many different markets mainly in Czech, Slovakia, Germany, France, UK, Hungary, Romania, Spain etc.

  • We are your strategic partner for fasteners

    We do not only provide solution for fasteners, but we also provide technical expertise, total assembly solution, cost saving opportunities and also optimization of your sales process.

  • We save your time and cost

    Our technical solutions are always offered with lowest total assembly cost but with high quality level at the same time.

  • We live the fastening world

    We have been active in automotive and other industries for last 15 years which gives us great knowledge of many applications.

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Articles and news

The fastener industry is a very dynamic market so it is important to follow the news, trends and changes. We will help you to be informed.