Let us help you with your fastening and assembly projects.


Engineered fasteners and components

We offer broad range of high quality fastening components made by leading companies on the automotive and other markets. We will help you with the fastener choice and the total technical solution and direct deliveries from the producers. You will not pay extra margin as if you deal with distributing companies. We will find the the most suitable solution for you including the right installation methode to maximise the overall joint and product life cycle.

Work together with us

Contact us early at the design stage of your projects and save your time and cost associated with your R&D team. We will help you to design in the right fastener.

  • We cooperate with the leading manufacturers of fastneners 
  • We focus on the lowest total assembly cost and highest quality
  • We offer solutions to optimize your cost and work on cost reduction opportunities
  • We have over 15 years of experience with fastening applications across different markets
  • We value long term relationship and mutual trust
  • We work with customers from all over Europe
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