Optimize your sales process and become more efficient.


Sales outsourcing

We can become part of your sales team and can help you to make your process more efficient by eliminating time and money waste. Through our company you can also enter new markets, industries and overall increase your turnover. This all will be done with respect to your company strategy, mission and vision. We prefer long term strategy with meaningful KPIs and goals before short term results.  

We offer sales training for your team or individual choaching. Our speciality is solution or spin selling technique where the key process is discovering implied needs or pain and turning them to explicit needs and offer added value solution. 

We will help you to arrange meetings, contract review and negotiation, new customer acquisitions, etc. We can communicate in Czech, Slovak, English and German. 

Finally we can support you with new sales personnel hiring, training, mentoring and choaching for positions in technical sales or project management. 

Cooperate with us

Do you want to meet your long term sales goals? Work with us as with external sales department. 

  • We have many contacts across industries
  • We have proven successful sales history
  • We have knowledge of automotive project management and requirements
  • We have been working in technical sales for 15 years
  • We have technical and management background with experience in sales training
  • We value long term partnership and mutual trust
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    417 42 Krupka