Let us help you with your fastening and assembly projects.



We are your partner for solutions in engineering, supply chain, cost reduction opportunities or production issues such as plastic products cracking, complicated assemblies, installation machines line downs, high installation forces etc. We also offer our expertise and help to find the proper fastener, as well as we cooperate with engineering at early design stage to help with the design of the host component. We will be the extended hand of your R&D department and will also work with your purchasing to secure trouble free supply chain for lowest possible cost. Further more we conduct technical seminars to educate our customers about fastening technologies and fasteners. We understand the automotive standards and demanding requirements such as cleanliness, PPAPs, PPM, and many other specific documents and requests. 

Cooperate with us

Discuss your fastening and assembly projects with us at the early design stage, lets work together to find optimal process and solution to meet your design, quality and cost requirements. 

  • We cooperate with the leading manufacturers of fastneners 
  • We focus on the lowest total assembly cost and highest quality
  • We offer solutions to optimize your cost and work on cost reduction opportunities
  • We have over 15 years of experience with fastening applications across different markets
  • We value long term relationship and mutual trust
  • We work with customers from all over Europe
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