Let us help you with the correct installation of your fasteners.


Install your fasteners properly and cost effectively

We will consider all aspects and detailed requirements of your assembly and will propose the optimal and most cost effective installation process. Each fastener has its own specifics that will influence the choice of the installation method. We will define ideal technical and the most cost effective total solution. We cooperate with experienced specialists in the field of assembly and automation and can help you with pinning, riveting, heat installation of inserts etc. We can also secure a rental machine for your trials and offer full training and service. The performance warranty can be offered, so the machines guarantee minimum waste and line downs. 

Cooperate with us

The correct and trouble free installation is crucial for the functionality and life cycle of the final product. Lets work together to prepare the right process.

  • We cooperate with specialist in the field of fastener installation 
  • We do not only consider the price of installation machine itself, but the quality and cost of total assembly comes first
  • We offer strategic solution that optimize whole process and cost. 
  • We have been dealing with customers` requests for fasteners installation for 15 years 
  • We value long term partnership, cooperation and mutual trust
  • We cooperate with customer from all over Europe 
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